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[#PROJECTSP2022] is a songwriting project presented by Studio Passif Taiwan, a sound studio founded by Richard W.P. Huang and Sarah C.S. Chia. This project features twelve songs we produced and recorded in collaboration with outstanding amateur singers, sharing different stories and topics.

Visit to learn more about us.

December|聖誕快樂 Merry Christmas

November|新生 Reborn

October|漩渦 Whirlpool

September|The Story of Us 我們的故事

August|吹吹海風 By the Sea

July|寄居蟹 Hermit Crab

June|Tug of War

May|戰鼓 War Drum

April|後悔循環 Reflection

March|以愛之名 In the Name of Love

February|二分之一甜 Half the Sweet

January|你是否還記得? Do you remember?

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